A small Pendant ring box

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A small Pendant ring box

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I saw a youtube video where a guy hand carved a lovely wooden pendant and enclosed an engagement ring inside before he glued it up. His future wife wore that pendant for months before he chose the right time to propose and he broke the pendant open. I thought it was a shame he had to break it so I made one that is nearly impossible to open by hand when fully closed and the heart aligns correctly with the top but can be opened easily with key that fits the pocket on the front.
Yes it is a bit soppy but If had a CNC and Vectric software 45 years ago I would have made my wife one..
Its made of Rock Maple and Jarrah .
Pendant RIng Box 1.jpg
Pendant RIng Box 2.jpg

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Re: A small Pendant ring box

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Cool project, Dave!
Michael Tyler



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Re: A small Pendant ring box

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What a great idea!!!!

Love it!
Todd Bailey | Design and Make

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