First 3D Carving!

An area to upload images of pieces cut using VCarve Pro
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First 3D Carving!

Post by TomWS »

Well, I finally got some shop time and was able to produce my first 3D Carving made from VCarve Pro and my new CNC router setup. I used a scrap piece of Corian to do a test run. Final medallion will be cut from a jade-like piece of Corian. This is a medallion that will go on top of a turned box I'll make for my wife. Deets are: 0.5mm radius Tapered Ball Nose, my Dewalt DWP611 set at max speed, feed rate 50IPM, Plunge Rate 15IPM, 8% stepover.
I'm pretty pleased with the result even though it proved I have some work to do on my ATC mods to my post processor. The medallion was supposed to be separated from the base material with a 1/4" profile cut. Unfortunately, my CNC router took off to a very odd location when it was supposed to go to the tool change position. Some learning to do, but in the meantime, I can simply create two separate files for the G-Code.

More soon, I hope!

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Re: First 3D Carving!

Post by Savannahdan »

Looks good. Corian is fun to cut.

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Re: First 3D Carving!

Post by scotttarnor »

Very Nice work!
Scott T

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Re: First 3D Carving!

Post by mtylerfl »

Great job, Tom! I love the color!
Michael Tyler

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Re: First 3D Carving!

Post by Phil »



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