The Coin Display Tray

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The Coin Display Tray

Post by sobfu »

A friend had some coins that belonged to his grandfather that were sitting in a box in a cupboard, they had great sentimental value so he asked for me to make a breakfast tray to display them so he would get the pleasure of seeing them everyday. I was keen to show off the software by doing some great carvings but he was keen to make the coins the focus so we settled on a simple tray but I did manage to do an engraving on the acrylic back of the tray. The artwork was taken from a picture of an engraving on his grandfathers watch.
The tray is Victorian Ash with a 4mm glass insert on top and a 3mm sandwich black/white accrylic sheet.

It may be simple in design but I think I would never of attempted this without a CNC and vectric software.

coin tray.jpg
coin tray 2 rear.png

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Re: The Coin Display Tray

Post by mtylerfl »

Very nice (and unique), Dave! Thanks for sharing the pics!
Michael Tyler

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Re: The Coin Display Tray

Post by Holzarbeiter »

What a beautiful project, Dave. Such a great idea as well.

I have a chip on my shoulder....several more in my hair and lots more all over my shop floor.

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Re: The Coin Display Tray

Post by Todd Bailey »

I love that idea and very well done!

Thanks for sharing!!!
Todd Bailey | Design and Make

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