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jay pieper
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Re: Valentine

Post by jay pieper »

Hello Bob---Must say nice design on the hearts and mighty generous of you sharing the
files with the forum.

Scott don't you just love when you make a oopsie and it comes out just the way you
wanted it to.

Bob I think it is great when you see other members trying out your projects and get to
see the various results. It just goes to show that there is now right way to do a project
some times the thing you didn't mean to do comes out looking great. I thought it was
neat to see your design evolve by accident or on purpose. Just had to add my thoughts.

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Re: Valentine

Post by jfederer »

Hi Bob,

The heart trivets were a hit! She didn't even ask about them being heat resistant, so I know she'll use them carefully.

Thanks again for the file.

Joe Federer

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Bob Jr
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Re: Valentine

Post by Bob Jr »

Thank you everyone, for the comments and updates.
It's interesting to see the different directions a project takes. In the process, you inspire me to look at things differently.
Learning is fun!

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Re: Valentine

Post by Rcnewcomb »

Three self-inflicted issues caused the failure:
- inadequate hold down, the piece moved while cutting
- wrong feed rate and bit
- tweaking the design leaving fragile areas
- Randall Newcomb
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