Zipper Clock

An area to upload images of pieces cut using VCarve Pro
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Re: Zipper Clock

Post by gkas »

ezurick wrote: But I sure wish that you would consider future monthly projects to always include us Vcarve folks. We feel so left out on Aspire only. Of course, if the projects has Aspire features only, then it would only be appropriate to not include a Vcarve version. But I don't have Aspire, so I wouldn't know. But I would think most projects would be ok... :mrgreen:
I'm sure that the 'Aspire Only' projects are an enticement to upgrading to Aspire. If I remember correctly, the projects alternate between Aspire and non-Aspire every other month.

I plan on staying up-to-date in a good part because of the monthly project. It's always a fun time... :lol:


Re: Zipper Clock

Post by ezurick »

I do understand the enticement to upgrade... However, I am just an old retired living month to month peasant and do this as mainly a hobby. I am struggling to justify to upgrade to the Vcarve Pro. That's $350 to basically get gadgets and not much more. My machine is limited to 20 x 16, so the unlimited would mean nothing with my current setup. I would either have to mortgage my property to acquire Aspire or fake my death and try to bleed the insurance proceeds... lol. Of course we all know that would only be temporary and they wouldn't allow me to keep my machine in prison... lol.

Anyway, I am really grateful that Vectric included us desktop folks with the 3D feature. Now back to my recliner.... lol.

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Re: Zipper Clock

Post by scottp55 »

We shall Both Aspire to Aspire Lee:)
I haven't done ONE free project(Sorry Michael :( :oops:
Too much fun playing with the other tools. and learning to use the tools I HAVE to their limits :D

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