Cribbage players

An area to upload images of pieces cut using VCarve Pro
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Re: Cribbage players

Post by TReischl »

Mr. Pieper, the game I miss from WI is Sheepshead!!!!
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Re: Cribbage players

Post by ZipperHead55 »

I'm in Canada, and served in the military, and I have always remembered seeing a crib board, even as a kid. My daughters (15, 19, 21) will play it when my oldest comes home for Sunday dinner, so the younger generation is well served. We also play it whilst camping (rainy day activity).

One thing I like about crib boards, as far as I see it, is that they can be "functional art". I make 2 piece crib boards: the lid is either round or oval, and I carve 3D scenes on them, and the lid covers the center portion where the cards and pegs are stored. That is in the most basic form. For "fancier" pieces, I put magets on the lid and base, and a hanger mount on the back, so the whole contraption can be mounted on the wall when not in use.



Another thing about crib boards that I like is that they have unlimited potential for customization, as you can make the "track" (the scoring part) follow any shape you want, and I have seen some very inventive boards (they are also made much larger, into small tables). Software helps a great deal in this, since making the track by hand is a pain, but using vectors and the array tool make it pretty simple indeed.


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Re: Cribbage players

Post by mtylerfl »

Beautiful work, Allan!
Michael Tyler

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Re: Cribbage players

Post by gkas »

That is a really nice carve.

jay pieper
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Re: Cribbage players

Post by jay pieper »

A quick reply to TReischl I refuse to play Sheepshead with family especially
my uncles and older fellas they replay each hand and scold your playing.

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Re: Cribbage players

Post by gscott40 »

You started a conversation for sure......Like northern Wisconsin it is much the same in Northern Minnesota. I guess there isn't much to do in northern winters. My wife and I play a game every evening and several of our neighbors also play...most of them better than us. We live in a Twin Cities suburb. I love making cribbage boards and keep screen shots of every one I see. My favorite was one created by CNCnutz which you can find on his you tube channel. It's based on "29" the max score a cribbage hand can the comments he provides the download from his dropbox account.
It is a fun game and will help youngsters learn their arithmetic. Have a good day all. I'm headed out to my CNC to make some cribbage boards.
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Re: Cribbage players

Post by garylmast »

I’m going to have to make one and learn how to play to see what I’ve been missing!
That was my idea last week, but instead of Cribbage I did a Chest Set. Now I just need to learn how to play it.
chest board_1232.jpg

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