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Re: 2 Heart Stands...River Red Gum and Ebony

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 2:20 am
by highpockets
Beautiful "Snowball" Scott.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: 2 Heart Stands...River Red Gum and Ebony

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 1:53 pm
by dwilli9013
Yep...Shoulda just drilled a hole through the top and stuck a string through the hole and superglued it to the top of the heart, and I'd have been done 2 weeks ago. :wink:

Scott, don't want to throw a wrench in this but this comment garnered my attention. Have you given any thought to going into your tackle box to take a look at a fishing lure swivel. I believe you would be able to get the ring to expand enough to fit over you hook. With a few hundred well placed blows with a hammer. :lol: :lol: :lol:
That way it would actually rotate at the least hint of a breeze and one could view it in all it 3 dimensional beauty... Any who just a thought, beautiful work either direction you choose. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: 2 Heart Stands...River Red Gum and Ebony

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 2:58 pm
by scottp55 guys make it hard to keep a promise not to post except for finished pics! :D

Yep Dwayne...that was among my first thoughts, but didn't have any as I only fly fish with Dad, and between him and the Maine Guides I never needed to buy anything fishing related........
THEN I mentioned GOLD to Mom....and when her eyes lit up...I was ALL done:)
Actually was online looking at tippets yesterday to make it almost invisible, but one of the other things she said when I mentioned "spinning" was;
"and it can't break!"
Which is why I was playing with Morse Rope Whipping Twine mainly, BUT not much distance between the two pieces of tore my sewing cubby apart yesterday looking for silk threads and such.....Picture me with a ton of loose tangled threads and a 4 prong gem clamp, grabbing the end of threads and then dangling it and seeing how many times it reversed before stopping :D

All the first test holes for adhesives were done with my smallest French made gimlet, as I've never split a piece of wood with it, and so sharp it doesn't "wander" even at an angle and dense wood coming to a point like this one. BUT on the heart shaped scrap I'm saving for myself, on the fourth time I went for final depth.....the Red Gum SPLIT!! :oops:
Red Gum does split fairly easy along the grain.
(GLAD it was my piece and not Mom's!!)
Now I have to use the Foredom and my narrowest handpiece with a brand new 1/16" twist drill, after using a needle in a hand awl, and then my scratch awl for a start(it's at an angle, on a point, with a dense wood). PERFECTLY caffeinated, and just came in to grab some new Scotch tape for a depth marker.

this morning tested how long Gorilla Gel CA can sit on my finish, and still get a clean wipe off(45 seconds) with marring the finish.
Out to shop now to watch....2 tons of snow will slide off the steel roof JUST as I get near depth, and I WILL have a hole through the top!! :D :D

Re: 2 Heart Stands...River Red Gum and Ebony

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 7:01 pm
by scottp55
IF you guys really want a horror story of how at the last minute of gluing the second gold piece into the Heart I grabbed the wrong paper towel that had excess CA on it....
and wound up with a paper towel "Mitten", and Barely got the shepard's crook piece in alignment in time.......
BUT wound up with paper towel pieces glued to the top of the Heart, and after hours of carefully sanding it off, AND having to add 6 coats to make it match again....I'll do it.

THEN because it wasn't seated deep enough...scre*ed my initial whipping cord idea.....several iterations of threads and knots later after checking for spin and such, ALL I had to do was draw up slack and tie a knot.....PERFECT except I "Tweaked" it to center it and SNAP!!!;
3.26.19 FIRST DECENT TRY 1.jpg
3.26.19 FIRST DECENT TRY 2.jpg
Couple more iterations, and I decided to give up "Fly Tying" as a hobby:)
FINALLY split the original whipping cord into 1 strand of the 3, wax, and worked well .

Re: 2 Heart Stands...River Red Gum and Ebony

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 7:08 pm
by scottp55
THIS is what Mom just took home:)
3.30.19 HEART TOGETHER 1.jpg
3.30.19 HEART TOGETHER 2.jpg
3.30.19 HEART TOGETHER 3.jpg
Responds to a breath, Heart CAN be taken off, and with reading glasses she CAN reattach it, and 16 coats on the two faces reflects lights and images to snag attention.
It does return to the correct orientation, and a fan in the room makes "wobble" a bit, to attract the eye.
(DID brush it off after taking pics!) :oops:

Customer is THRILLED :) :)

NOW back to CNC stuff....FINALLY! :)

Re: 2 Heart Stands...River Red Gum and Ebony

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2019 7:08 am
by Coogara
You've nailed it, Scott. A true labour of love, it looks just beautiful. The finish is just gorgeous. Very fine work. Nice Redgum 8)

I imagine you are somewhat relieved to see it finished. I have to say, nice job getting the heart to start front and center.

So, when can I order one? :P


Re: 2 Heart Stands...River Red Gum and Ebony

Posted: Sun Mar 31, 2019 1:40 pm
by WNC_Ed
Scott, wow, amazing, spectacular, splendid, fabulous all come to mind to describe the finished product but those words just don’t do it justice.
What a wonderful gift!
Your sharing the trials and tribulations of bringing it to life was a gift to forum as well.
Huge congrats and a huge thank you for sharing!

Re: 2 Heart Stands...River Red Gum and Ebony

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:07 am
by scottp55
Thanks for the Great comments guys, BUT definitely NOT ready for Prime Time Mass Production!!!
Got a call from Mom yesterday about a "Broken Heart" :(

I had "jiggled/wiggled/shook/rattled" the "scrap" frame, and the Yowah Matrix Opal bead stayed in place........
BUT never anticipated Mom taking it to her sister's house, and then my sister's for a Sunday Brunch.....taking the Heart off and passing it in one direction, and the frame in the other....
And then somebody with long fingernails going "Oh, what a Pretty Bead..Oops!" :oops:

They pulled the slip knot through the frame hole.
Easy enough to fix with a sewing needle and thread, and then Pulling it back through, BUT added 6 alternating Surgeon's Knots so hopefully won't happen again!
Showed Mom this thread while I was doing surgery, and she had a GREAT BIG smile on her face after reading all the kind comments....So THANKS ALL!! :D

I JOKINGLY said she should take the glass dome off the Ormolu clock on the mantel and cover up the Heart when Gangs of people(30+) show up for Easter breakfast with bacon/butter/maple syrup fingers, rather than "Hiding" it like she was going to do. She said "No, BUT I DO have a crystal cake display stand with a cover that will fit it for the day!" :) :)

This is the trouble I get from trying to minimize waste when making the Heart, And THEN trying to use the "Scrap" for the stand....TIGHT tolerance.
IF it was a "Project" from the start, I'd leave a wider gap between the Heart and Stand.
THEN I could maybe use something like a "Magnetic Necklace Clasp" Like John(Highpockets) sent me a pic of.

Graeme.... it's set up so if you rotate the Opal Bead in the direction you want it to "Rest" in, you can fine tune it easily.
For YOU good buddy....You can place your order as soon as you bring more River Red Gum in your suitcase, and in a week a 4 coat version will be done........
Of course the room price of the "Bullfrog Master Bedroom Suite" has gone from Zero to $100 a night :D :D :D

Thanks people!

Re: 2 Heart Stands...River Red Gum and Ebony

Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 12:47 pm
by prevel
Wow Scott your work is AWESOME! My wife Jaime saw it and she loved it as well!

Re: 2 Heart Stands...River Red Gum and Ebony

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 9:05 pm
by TSmith88
Amazingly well done. This is incredible work, and thanks for sharing the progress stories as well.

Re: 2 Heart Stands...River Red Gum and Ebony

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 9:47 am
by scottp55
Thanks Paul and TS!!

GLAD my Dad got a couple months with his Ebony Stand!
VERY glad I didn't put "We Love You Dad" on it, and added my step-mom's name to the Stand(Dad LIKED that:), as Now my step-mom has it in a place of honor next to her Owl and LOVES the Heart "Almost" as much as Owl and Knows we love her too. :) :)

Now that windows and doors can be opened during the days, Mom says her Heart spins and trembles in the light breezes:)
She STILL doesn't let anybody take it down from mantle, But DOES Tap with fingernail, and Blow on the Heart every time she walks by it, and does let others do the same :D
WISH that person hadn't yanked the Opal bead through the hole in Gold right off the bat :oops:
Now Mom is scared to take the Heart off or handle it...even though that particular problem shouldn't happen again.

Put 2 coats of her finish on that 2014 Monogrammed Ebony 2014 piece, and now at least know what finish she LOVES:) GLOSS!
Earthpaint 3D Pure pine resin/Earthpaint Linseed/D-Limonene (10/40/50)....Builds up very quickly(too much for me, but love it for first two coats for penetration!).
REALLY makes grain Pop!