Paradise Box - sorta

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Paradise Box - sorta

Post by blmac5 »

One of the heart surgeons my daughter works for is retiring and the nurses have been telling him for years he needs a new box to store his loupes in.
It's a wooden box and they no longer make them. So, guess who she comes to to make him a replacement as a retirement gift. The original is just a plain finger joint square box but I felt a well established heart surgeon needed something better than that. I like the paradise style box, so that is the style I went with but I wanted it to reflect his profession. On the lid I v-carved his name underlined with the ecg line. On the front of the box I engraved a heart with the ecg line going into and out of it. All of the v-carving I filled in with coffee grounds and CA glue. I think the box is a more fitting gift than just a square box.


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Re: Paradise Box - sorta

Post by CarveOne »

Nice box. Simple, clean, and effective for its intended purpose.


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Re: Paradise Box - sorta

Post by joeporter »

It is very nice, very nice finish and design...joe

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