Recent Commissions - Sign and Gift Givaways

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Recent Commissions - Sign and Gift Givaways

Post by sfsubcutter »

A recent pair of commissions I've been working on and recently completed are for a local industrial service company in the greater Vancouver area; AQUAChem Enterprises Ltd.

The first is a series of gift give-aways for the company. The owner, a lover of reclaimed wood items, came to me with the idea of coming up with a small items that would represent his company and be useful rather than the traditional 'box-o-chocolates' for the yearly give-away. Below are the design rendering and two of the forty final products delivered just in time for the yearly walk-arounds to valued clients.

The cubes were all made with traditional tools, however CNC pocketed for the insert clock. The best part was the commissioning of my Jtech Photonics laser, figuring out the issues with Mach3, and dialing it in to provide the engraving services to my little business.

The second commission was from a key team member to the owner. They're a family owned and run business so it's with love and appreciation that things like this are considered. I worked with the team member to transform the company brand logo into a sign for the shop. Below are the design renderings and the finished product. We did the typical TV style cloth-reveal presentation at the company shop and received the jaw-drop we were hoping for.

The piece is ring-rolled brass rings with CNC'd brass and starboard letters and aluminum spacer dots. Of course, the coffee inlay makes a showing. All is included on a solid maple backing. Learned a few lessons on the inlay of metal and plastic to wood however any gaps were filled and covered appropriately.

Aquachem Sign Pic 1.jpg
2016-11-30 23.08.38.jpg
2016-11-30 23.10.10.jpg
2016-11-30 23.02.14.jpg
2016-12-01 21.01.34.jpg

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Re: Recent Commissions - Sign and Gift Givaways

Post by dwilli9013 »

Very Nice. And a thorough explanation of the design intent.
Hope they were all well received. Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Recent Commissions - Sign and Gift Givaways

Post by Leo »

I really like the cube clock, but it's all really cool.
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Re: Recent Commissions - Sign and Gift Givaways

Post by ChrisInEstes »

Sharp work. I particularly like your use of metal in it.

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Re: Recent Commissions - Sign and Gift Givaways

Post by sluggo »

What amazing work! I hope to be able to match your skills one day!


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Re: Recent Commissions - Sign and Gift Givaways

Post by paulschultz »

Beautiful work Dan. How did you get the JTECH LASER to work with mach3? "Spindle as laser"? I spent the day yesterday getting mine working using "Spindle PWM" using the M3 command and it works beautifully however I'm getting a two second or so delay turning off and on which is causing burn spots so I'm going to order the converter board because I also want to do photos.

I tried the M11p# (16) command but it does not work, probably because I have an Ethernet smooth stepper. Maybe today I'll set up a "spindle as laser" configuration and try that and keep the current one and rename it laser PWM. So I feel your excitement with the laser! Congratulations. :D


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