Mayan Calendar

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Mayan Calendar

Post by JamesB »

After being involved with CNC software for well over 20 years I finally had an excuse to make the Mayan Calendar as my daughters class were studying it at school - I wrote about it on the Vectric Labs Blog here: ... endar.html


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Re: Mayan Calendar

Post by zeeway »


That is the best and highest use for a Mayan calendar project...helping a daughter with her schoolwork. Good job.


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Re: Mayan Calendar

Post by scottp55 »

+1 on what Angie said!
But taking a picture on a computer, and changing it into a physical object they can hold in their hands, is a real mind blower for computer kids :)
One person you really can't tell to watch the tutorials....MUCH better to teach her how to make her ideas reality personally :)
That's a Quality day!!!
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