Cabin Box

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Melissa Lazar
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Cabin Box

Post by Melissa Lazar »

I was asked from our local Realtor if I could reproduce someone's house. As I am just learning Vectric software I learned a lot with this project. I am thoroughly enjoying Vectric !

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Re: Cabin Box

Post by scottp55 »

Welcome to the Forum Melissa....AND with a GREAT first post!! :)
Nice job on that!
Wish my first post had been that good!
Well Done! :)
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Re: Cabin Box

Post by scotttarnor »

Impressive first project! It looks Good!
Scott T


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Re: Cabin Box

Post by mtylerfl »

Oooo! Super-nice, Melissa!
Michael Tyler

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Re: Cabin Box

Post by Olly »

Wow, nice project! Great use of the software!

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Re: Cabin Box

Post by woody53 »

Welcome !!! What a great job for a first time project. If you have any questions, there are many, many people who can help you. But please don't consider me one of them, I have a hard enough time myself. If I could, I most certainly would.


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Re: Cabin Box

Post by Luvtocarve »

Very impressive! Welcome to Vectric. So many amazing things you can do. Only limited by your Imagination.
Steve Harp
Wadsworth, Ohio USA

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Re: Cabin Box

Post by dhellew2 »

Superior! Now I need one for a bird house :D
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Re: Cabin Box

Post by RJSmeltzer »

How can I get the files to make this?? I like it very much!! Well done !


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Re: Cabin Box

Post by BigDude »

Tarheel Woodworks

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Re: Cabin Box

Post by garylmast »

I repeat everything that's been said. Great Job.


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Re: Cabin Box

Post by ED1491 »

Now that's cool! You could have made it a bird house.

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