CNC Machined Wireless Charging Base

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CNC Machined Wireless Charging Base

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For Christmas 2020, I made a Music Box for my granddaughter that used an electronic player that randomly played music selections from an SD Card. I wanted to let my granddaughter carry the box anywhere without worrying about a cord so the design used a Wireless Charging module to keep the battery charged. Well, here we are, almost a year and a half later and I FINALLY finished the Charging Base for the Music Box. The music box pre-dated my purchase of VCarve Pro (I did the inlay the 'old fashioned way'), but I did use VCarve to machine box sides of the Mahogany base to house the electronics and raise the box so the sound could exit properly.

Here is the underside of the base. You can see the raw frame was joined with mitered pieces of Mahogany and then machined for the Charger Electronics. You can also see the parts that get added to the base laid out around it.
Here is the top side, showing how the top was machined and how the charging coil is wired in.
Finally, here is the assembled base holding (and charging) the original Music Box.

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Re: CNC Machined Wireless Charging Base

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