Buddha Cutting Board

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Buddha Cutting Board

Post by Scottbg1 »

I love doing inlays, and it's 99% all I do these days.
I made this for my girlfriend who isn't a devout Buddhist, but she is from Laos and it is part of her culture.
She keeps it safely propped up and on display and refuses to cut anything on it for fear of it being bad luck.
I guess that I didn't think this one through. :D

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Re: Buddha Cutting Board

Post by TomWS »

Very nice work! A lot of detail, inlays must have been tricky!

Take heart in the fact that your girlfriend finds it significant enough to take great care with it.

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Re: Buddha Cutting Board

Post by JoeBlow »

That is stunning! Fantastic workmanship and design.

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Re: Buddha Cutting Board

Post by scottp55 »

A beautiful display of craftsmanship!
(Not a bad thing she considers it a piece of art to display:)
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Re: Buddha Cutting Board

Post by AboveCreations »

Very nice. I also do lots of carving/cutting boards, so I am not new to the task. However, looking at your last picture, it appears your board is an end-grain board (not face-grain)? Is that correct? I found to never do inlays on end-grain boards because the way the fibers are on the grain, the inlay could possibly work lose after time. I don't have any creditable fact or long term testing to prove this. It is sheer theory. So I was wondering if this is an end-grain board, have you had other end-grain inlays that posed no long term problems with the inlay?

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Re: Buddha Cutting Board

Post by Bigshew »

Nice work. May I ask what cutting tool you are using for that fine detail?

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