Resin Inlay Cutting Board

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Re: Resin Inlay Cutting Board

Post by woody53 »

What an AWESOME piece of work !! I sure wouldn't cut on that either.


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Re: Resin Inlay Cutting Board

Post by Aussie »

mfirlott wrote:
Mon Sep 14, 2020 3:55 pm
Well Aussie I was inspired.

I gave it a whirl using multiple coloured epoxy pours and other than the one mistake (wood snapped off) on the upper letter "L", it turned out great.

My wife opened up an e-commerce press-on nail business and this is the company name and logo.

She loves it and refuses to use the front as a cutting board so she'll flip it when in use :D

Thanks for the inspiration.
Thank you for showing me your cutting board..... are you painting the v carve and then using clear epoxy?
What bits are you cutting with?
Is the text a timber Zank inlay?

Half way through my next board.... can only get time in my shop every 3 days.... my real job gets in the way, the 3 days gives the epoxy plenty of time to cure.
Starting to be backed up with requests for boards.... when my friends see the tiger... they ask can you make me one with my logo on it.
I need to go into the custom cutting board business....retirement is calling...haha

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Re: Resin Inlay Cutting Board

Post by mfirlott »

HI Aussie...

This time I did not paint the v-carve like I normally do.

I did regular pockets using a 1/32" tapered end mill then used craft/food colouring to colour the epoxy. Just added a drop at a time until I got the colour I was looking for. No Zank method this time...just pockets for both logo and text.

LOL on retirement. I just retired last week!!! And my wife already has a drawer and a counter full of cutting boards (some are shown here: ... oards.html) and I just made a bunch for some of my employees before I retired. For those I did paint the pockets before pouring in clear epoxy.

I'm just experimenting with the Zank v-inlay now and some of its variations but I keep breaking off some of the smaller parts of the male plugs when they are too thin. I have made a new test board and design and this week I plan to cut it using Zank v-inlay but each version, there are 3, uses different pass depths and feed speeds. Hoping one works better than the other. Using hard maple and walnut as the woods. Fingers crossed.

Keep up the most excellent work!!!
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