Easy Box Maker gadget (v2.0) suggested code improvement

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Easy Box Maker gadget (v2.0) suggested code improvement

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Hello sharkcutup and jimandi5000:

A recent post showing that SpindleSpeed didn't get transferred from a Milling.MillTool to the toolpath Tool() got me to thinking how to slim down the copying of the MillTool values over to the Tool() fields when creating the toolpaths to avoid such errors. (That and I needed such a function for my own V-Carve Last Pass gadget if I ever finish it.)

In EasyBoxMaker v2.0, around line 2038, there is this 13 lines of code:

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local tool = Tool(Milling.MillTool2.Name, Tool.END_MILL)
tool.InMM = Milling.MillTool2.InMM
--  tool.VBitAngle = Milling.MillTool2.VBitAngle
--  tool.ClearStepover = Milling.MillTool2.ClearStepover
That code can be replaced with (similar code exits at 2090, 2140, 2190, and 2236):

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local tool = Tool(Milling.MillTool2.Name, Tool.END_MILL)
tool = loadToolValues(Milling.MillTool2, tool, readOnlyKeys)
This needs two things:

1. The following function:

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function loadToolValues(source, destination, excluded)
  local toolToLoad = destination

  for key, value in pairs(source) do
    if not excluded[key] then
      toolToLoad[key] = value
  return toolToLoad
2. This table entered outside the function main() as a global table:

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readOnlyKeys = {
  ["Name"] = true, ["RateUnitsText"] = true,
  ["ToolDBId"] = true, ["ToolDB_Location"] = true,
  ["ToolType"] = true, ["ToolTypeText"] = true
That table is a list of read-only values in the Vectric Tool() object the can't be updated.

This will shorten the code by quite a bit and hopefully make it easier to maintain. Note that the field key namess in Milling.MillTool{n} tables need to match those in the Vectric SDK Tool() object.

By the way: xxx.VBitAngle (both the Vectric Tool() instances and the MillTool ones) need to be changed to VBit_Angle everywhere or you will always get a bit of 90 degrees. V-Bits don't appear to be used in the Box Maker Gadget but it's good to change it in case this sort of code is re-used in another gadget that does use v-bits or engraving bits.

Attached is a sample Lua file that loads two tools and creates a sample profile toolpath for each.

Note that going from a Vectric tool to the Milling.MillTool is possible to. We just need the following minimum exclusion table:

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excludedKeys = {
  ["ToolDBId"] = true, ["ToolDB_Location"] = true
And this entry could also be added to the excludedKeys table if you’re not using the name within the Tool():

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  ["Name"] = true,
I hope that this is of some use.

tool information copier.txt
Sample gadget code. Rename to .lua
(5.88 KiB) Downloaded 8 times

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