Box Creator overlapping models

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Box Creator overlapping models

Post by AA7BQ »

I use the Box Creator a lot and every single time I generate a box, it gets inserted into my drawing as two drawings, one on top of the other.

My typical operational flow is as follows:

1. Start the Gadget, specify the parameters, and click OK
2. The resultant objects that were created by the gadget are highlighted with move handles, but they are NOT selected.
3. Click in the drawing to deselect the new objects
4. Select all of the new objects that were drawn by the gadget
5. Click on Weld to eliminate the duplicate vectors (smashes them down the Z axis)

There are two things wrong here. 1. the gadget should not be outputting two overlapping drawings, and 2) the resultant objects should either be selected (so I can go straight to another operation), or they should not be selected. As it stands, the UI indicates that they are selected, but they are not.

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Re: Box Creator overlapping models

Post by sharkcutup »

This Forum is a User to User forum. The Gadget you are referring to is created by Vectric. Contact Vectric at with any issue you may have with it.


You can use the search function here on the forum concerning what others have said about the Box Creator Gadget. You might even find a work around that may help your needs!!!

Just my thoughts/opinions!!! :)

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Re: Box Creator overlapping models

Post by adze_cnc »

Is this what you are seeing?
1-box creator.png
This is normal and necessary. Those lines are not duplicates (or excees) needing to be deleted. The are the lines for the profile toolpath:
If those are not what you are seeing then you might want to post and image ‘cause guessing is what’s going to happen.

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