trying to install a gadget

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trying to install a gadget

Post by mikewinters617 »


I just upgraded to Vcarve Pro, from desktop, because I wanted the box creator gadget...

turns out I have to install it.

I down load it, and i get a zipped folder.

I unzip the folder, and I can not find any .exe or anything that is an install program.

I go into vcarve pro, and try to install from inside the program, and it sees the folder, and sub folders, but will not let me select anything to upload. (it is looking for *.vgadget

a bit frustrated here.....

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance...

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Re: trying to install a gadget

Post by gkas »

It's a vgadget, not a zip for V10.5. You must have the earlier version.

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Re: trying to install a gadget

Post by Adrian »

Which browser are you using? Older versions of Internet Explorer (including the one that loads if you get to the download site via the About Gadgets link on the Gadgets menu) download vgadget files as zip files.

You can either rename it from .zip to .vgadget or download using a modern browser if that is the case.

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