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Gadget to G-code Comment

Post by gregwood »

Hi, so I am new here. I have a slightly unusual need and haven't been able to find a definitive solution.

I have a json file with product data requirements for a routing project. I need to import that into Cut2DPro. Some of the information will be used for creating the products that will be routed.( They are relatively simple items) The other information needs to be passed onto my CNC controller for further processing. I am already doing this with Macro's in another software package and Post Processor and we pass the extra details on in comments as a header to the G-code. In that data, the information is linked to the parts that are being cut in the nest. So I need to know the exact final position in the nested layout of the part so that I can include this info (x and y location) in the comments. The project contains thousands of unique components, so that there will be hundreds of G-code files. The right information must be related to the correct g-code file.

Is there a way to do this through Gadgets? I have looked and my stumbling blocks are identifying the location of the part after nesting. The next stumbling block is how to write comments based on these layout positions and the further information about the part to the head of the g-code file.

I'd be grateful if someone can point me in a direction.

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