Box Creator Issues

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Box Creator Issues

Post by hb66 »

I am having issues getting the box creator to work consistently. I am using both latest versions of VC and Aspire, and have downloaded the appropriate version of the gadget.

I am trying to mill some 950x450x500 boxes with 50 mm fingers. Reclaimed ply, so would like to work a little tolerance into the joint.

Two problems.
1. If I add any number to the Allowance field, the programs fail to draw the toolpaths.
2. If I choose any Amana tool - the programs either fail to draw the toolpaths, or draw them, but without the dogbone fillets

Screenshots attached. Advice and input would be appreciated.
Box Creator Set Up 2.png
Box Creator Set Up 3.png
Box Creator Set Up 4.png

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Re: Box Creator Issues

Post by Adrian »

Really need to see screenshots of what you're setting up in the gadget itself...

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Re: Box Creator Issues

Post by TJCornish »

I have played with the Box gadget a few times, and the allowance field has messed me up, in part because there are no instructions on what the heck to do. I believe it is looking for a decimal number in thousandths of an inch. If you want a slight tolerance, entering .003 might help you.

The other thing I've had trouble with is the measured size of the tool vs. the size of slot it actually cuts. I've found in Baltic Birch plywood I need to enter my tool size as 0.01 smaller than it actually is to account for the wood fibers expanding back into the cut. This will affect your allowance value as well.

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