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Pause Gadget

Post by Moabster »

On some of my projects I drill hold down holes while holding the work piece with side clamps. Then I pause the machine (with gcode that I insert by hand) and insert screws to hold down both the work piece and the individual parts that will later be cut out. The screws hold the work piece to the waste board better than my clamping system and the clamps don't get in the way. Now I proceed to run the rest of the toolpaths and cut out the final parts without using tabs since each piece has a screw holding it in.
I want to create a gadget that prompts for a spindle resting position and inserts a toolpath. When the toolpath is calculated, it would need to turn off the spindle, move to the resting position and wait for the Cycle/Start button to be pushed.
My questions are: Is this something you can do with a gadget? Does anyone know if a similar gadget already exists? If not, is there a good example file to start from? Maybe one that already creates a toolpath that can be edited.
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Re: Pause Gadget

Post by jimandi5000 »

Hi Moabster,

I have been doing this with a tool change. I use ATC setting in Mach3, but I do not have a ATC on my mill. In VCarve, I setup a 1/8 dia drilling toolpath to mark holes locations in the stock. I have a second toolpath for cutting out the shapes (it can be the same bit). This first toolpath runs and marks the holes (I do not drill 100% through the stock, most of the time I only go 1/8 deep... just to mark the spot) then the mill moves to the tool change position and waits for me to change the bit. I change the bit if needed and press the OK button and the mill runs the second toolpath.

If you need more details let me know.

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Re: Pause Gadget

Post by Adrian »

Pausing between toolpaths/tool changes is a function of the post processor. There is a full post processor editing guide on the Help menu. Most post processors already have the correct sections in so it's just a matter of using the tool numbers in the tool database to force a pause even if you're not physically changing tools.

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