Change Job or Block dimensions in Lua?

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Change Job or Block dimensions in Lua?

Post by Beamer »

Hey all,

Been playing with my first gadget and one of the tasks I'm trying to do is to change the Job width and height in my gadget. I've been digging through the VectricJob and MaterialBlock objects in the API but don't see any setters for these values.

I did notice I could create a new job from scratch but that's a lot more work since the files I plan to work with have a lot of other things already setup in them (vectors, toolpaths, layers, etc) that I wouldn't wan't to have to create from scratch just to change the part's dimensions.

Am I just looking in the wrong place or are these things just locked down?

Jason Beam
Sacramento, CA

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Re: Change Job or Block dimensions in Lua?

Post by jimandi5000 »

I am not sure but I will dig in to see if i can. Can you send me what you have so far?

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