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Macro Gadget?

Post by Beamer »

Hey again, all!

I've had this idea kicking around the back of my head for a while now and thought I'd pose the question. I was a programmer for 17 years and know that what I'm about to present is unlikely to manifest without some pretty heavy effort but I thought I'd ask in case anyone else has had a similar idea.

So I do a BUNCH of repetitive tasks in Aspire for my products. I use template files which help a ton - they have vectors and toolpaths with layers and auto selection and all that stuff to help save me repetition. However, there are a couple things I do that still need to be manually done. One example is sizing a couple of vectors in my file relative to the width and height of the job. Another is just the process of calculating and saving toolpaths a certain way.

These are good examples for a macro system of some kind. Lots of clicking and always the same process for every single job I do.

I'm totally doing that thing that programmers hate - asking for something without any idea how much work it is or if it's even possible. I haven't looked at the gadget development kit at all or even the language to see what's even possible. Is it? Can a macro system even be built via the gadget API?

Has anyone thought of this already? Is anyone working on it? :D

Yep - I've totally become that annoying end-user who wants the world .. sorry about that!

Any ideas would be much appreciated!
Jason Beam
Sacramento, CA

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Re: Macro Gadget?

Post by Adrian »

I replied on your other thread. I do this sort of stuff a lot using gadgets and where there isn't an interface in Lua for the task I want I use the AutoIt3 scripting language to drive the Aspire interface directly instead.

When it comes to creating and manipulating vectors you can do it all with a gadget though.

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