Iterate through the group and contours in group

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Iterate through the group and contours in group

Post by dturk »

Yesterday, I installed the Gadget SDK. In a effort to understand
the programing logic of using the Gadget SDK kit. I have tried
some of the examples in the pdf.

The first concept I wanted to understand was how the lines and contours
are structured in Aspire 9.0+. Based on the documentation the key to
understand this concept is ... "ContourGroup Programing" on page 82 of the pdf.

Using the following example in the pdf;

-- iterate through the group and contours in group
local count = 0
local num_spans = 0
local span_length = 0.0
local tolerance = 0.0001
local pos = group:GetHeadPosition()
while pos ~= nil do
local contour

contour , pos = group:GetNext(pos)
-- iterate through each span in the contour

local ctr_pos = contour:GetHeadPosition()
while ctr_pos ~= nill do
local span
span, ctr_pos = contour:GetNext(ctr_pos)
num_spans = num_spans + 1;
span_length = span_length + span:GetLength(0.0001)
count = count + 1

After the correct structures around the code and verifying code was
added. A vector was selected and I ran the program.

I received an error on the following line:
>> local pos = group:GetHeadPosition()

After going back and reviewing the Constructor, I tried several
different ways to define the constructor ("group").

I'm looking for any ideas.


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Re: Iterate through the group and contours in group

Post by Adrian »

Look at the Contour_Creation_Example script that comes with the SDK.

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