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Turned ProFile Gadget

Post by barthowtala »

Hi all, I have no idea what Im doing with VCarve Pro. We bought a Laguna Turner 60" to make some pretty simple round parts on. As a mechanical engineer, I do everything in solidworks or inventor. I can draw round things in a couple of minutes. So I created my part and exported an .STL file. I figured the best gadget to turn round parts is the Turned Profile Gadget. Whenever I select it though I keep getting the error "For a wrapped job with the cylinder along X (wrapping Y values) The cross section must start and end with the vertical legs starting at the same y values.

Im positive I drew the part symmetrically. Is it an issue with importing? Ive tried some tutorials but still have no idea what Im doing here.

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Re: Turned ProFile Gadget

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Not sure why no one answered this. The Turned Profile gadget input is a vector. The vector start and end must have the same y value. An stl file is not the correct input. There are some gotchas in that gadget. Make sure that you make a model before trying the real thing. I've had better luck with the molding path generator. Start with the wrapping profile gadget before starting a new drawing. The output will generate a path that takes the Y values and changes them to "A" depth and rotation values and x-axis values according to the bit step over. I use Mach 3 and my post processor needs to support the Y to A translation. Fortunately it is supplied with the Vectric software. The Turned Profile Gadget creates a raster path down the x axis and rotates the part according to the bit step over.

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Re: Turned ProFile Gadget

Post by highpockets »

Did you look at these instructions?

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