ToolDatabase Object in SDK, missing functionallity.

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ToolDatabase Object in SDK, missing functionallity.

Post by kcurrans »

Using Vcarve Pro V9.0 for Shopbot, Windows 7 pro sp1, Latest Gadgets SDK V2.04

Why is the only method on the ToolDatabase Object a dialog?

Where are the methods to enumerate the tools in the DB, modify groups ?

First I want to make a list (ascii) of tools that I keep track of for myself. I pin it on the wall so I can reference it when I create tool paths.
I was creating a gadget to do it for me, only to find there is no method to enumerate the tools.

Many tools, are the same bit but different speeds and feeds for specific materials and finishes.
I want to manage the tool numbers and names myself.
I want the tool info in the job file, so I can verify I have the parts correctly setup in the collets without have to be in front of the machine and
do that for each tool path in the job I am about to run.

When I "hand" edit the tool DB it is not easy to manage from a GIT perspective. i am a software guy and version control is important to me.

After going through the process of creating a form tool for a round-over bit, I want to automate it via a gadget and it looks like I can't create a form tool from the SDK tool object constructor. Is that true?

Please expose methods that help with this in the SDK.

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Re: ToolDatabase Object in SDK, missing functionallity.

Post by Adrian »

The SDK doesn't have objects and methods for everything in the product. Some things can only be done via the program itself.

You can put the tool info in the job file using the existing post processor variables. I have my ShopBot post processor set so that it displays the job dimensions, z-zero position, tools used, feeds etc etc at the start of the job and it displays the tool info for tool changes when needed as well. That is all done via the post processor (editing guide on the VCarve help menu) not via a gadget.

You can also output details of all the toolpaths and tools used etc using the Job Sheet on the Toolpaths tabs (that is actually a gadget itself which shows a lot about extracting tool info etc from toolpaths),

Tool numbers and names are already under your control so I'm unsure what you mean there.

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