A New Way To Use Gadgets

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A New Way To Use Gadgets

Post by seanm »

Since V8.5 a little known addition was made which unleashed even greater potential to be used within the Gadgets.
Gadget Shortcuts.

This enabled users, the ability to bring up their favorite gadgets by a simple Keyboard Shortcut.

With the release of V9 we have taken this a step further, we have Introduced two NEW Gadgets.
These Gadgets have been designed to replicate the forms you see within the software, not only this but they have been designed to run with or without the form showing,
so if you find yourself using a particular gadget multiple times, without ever changing the settings you have set, you could now be able to attach that particular gadget,
to a keyboard shortcut and choose that gadget to run without the form displaying, to get complete automation of that gadget.
It will literally execute on the press of a button, these gadgets will be denoted by "Auto Run Compatibility".

The main addition to the gadgets to allow this to happen is the
Global Gadget Settings.
This is a gadget which externally can turn on/off the visibility of a gadgets form, this gadget really only ever needs to be used if you need to turn back on the visibility of
a gadget that you now wish to run with the form showing after previously having it not display the form.

Here is a look at the Global Gadget Settings Form

The new Gadget installed with V9 taking advantage of this new functionality is the
Explode Vectors Gadget - shown below

As you can see from the form, there are many different options available to you to explode vectors, If you hover your mouse over the options it will explain what each option is going to do.
In this Gadget you can choose to:
Replace Currently Selected Vectors - This will if selected delete your original vectors, else it will create new ones along side the existing vectors.

Create Vectors on New Layer? - This, if checked, will create vectors on a new layer determined by the given layer name, else it will create them on the same layer as the original.

Run Gadget & Show Form? - This if checked will open the form when the Gadget is next ran, else it will execute automatically with all the previously used settings.

Recommended Usage

Set Global Gadget Settings to the first shortcut CTRL + F1
Set Explode Vectors Gadget to CTRL + F2

Radius All Corners has now been made compatible with this new functionality and can be downloaded here first with early access at the link below:
http://vectric.eu/gadgets/V9/Vectric/Ra ... rs.vgadget

The form can be found below,

New compatible gadgets will be available soon, If there are any Gadgets you would like to see created taking advantage of this NEW method, please let us know.

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Re: A New Way To Use Gadgets

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