Dovetail Pins on wrong side

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Dovetail Pins on wrong side

Post by jmoulton »

I am trying to make a 6 pack beer carrier with the dovetail gadget tool. I do not have a complete box, only three sides. I followed the video and have broken each line down into a separate vector. Sometimes the pins get created on the inside and sometimes a mix of inside and outside. I have to keep deleting the side that is wrong and try again until the pins get created on the correct side. How do I select which side the pins get created on? Also, it would be very nice if the "undo" edit feature worked after using the gadget.
Dovetail pins on three sides
Dovetail pins on three sides

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Re: Dovetail Pins on wrong side

Post by RichardF »

Select a vector , press 'N' on the keyboard and you see a green square showing the start point of this vector.
Now select the black square at the other end and press 'P' on the keyboard to set the start point here.

Now try the gadget again. The gadget uses the start point where to define 'left' or 'right' of the vector and where to set the pins.

Hope this helps !


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Re: Dovetail Pins on wrong side

Post by bobxp46 »

The answer here does help. The thing to note is the video on this gadget does not mention any thing about green nodes or opposite nodes. Even the reply here is some what vague. But thank you for the help. I hope Vectric sees these post and corrects the video as it is no where near useful as it is now.

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Re: Dovetail Pins on wrong side

Post by Adrian »

The important thing to note in the video is the order in which the vectors are broken down and where the nodes are position as part of that. If the same sequence is followed then the nodes are always in the right position. If the same sequence isn't followed then the nodes need to be adjusted.

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Re: Dovetail Pins on wrong side

Post by nixman »

It been since 2006 and Vetrix hasn't updated the video nor the instructions on this from this post. they did update the gadget to V9.

I see you have to select a starting point the GREEN Dot but which direction defines inward or outward.

I did find out you can move the green dot to the other side and re run the tool again and it corrects it self.
Nice to see Vectric update their instructions and video. Just add a small second video. The first one is cool, but give us an update so we don't fumble in trying to get this too work.
I was ready to give up but found this post from 2006.

Please update Vectric, give the user some peace and mind that you are looking out for us.


My mistake 2016 discovered and suggested fix had to correct my post. Still would like to see an update on the gadget page. Still confusing, I keep having to recreate my boxes to get the process but getting frustrated no fun.

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