Design & Make Newsletter September 2022

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Design & Make Newsletter September 2022

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Todd's Top Tip
Did you know that you can change the material of the in-store 3D model preview?
Find a model, click on any of the 3 different styles, and then choose a material from the "Pick A Material" menu.

NEW Halloween Models - Out Now
BEWARE! New Halloween models creeping in!
Watch out for our brand new Halloween models up for grabs at the Design & Make store! This devilish 'Beware The Werewolf' wall art is inspired by folklore and mythology of the man who shapeshifts into a wolf-like beast in the presence of the full moon. This project is perfect for all those looking for Halloween or Trick or Treat ideas to scare friends, family and neighbours, or for those looking for your own spooky themed gifts for your Etsy store.

Olly has recreated his own creepy Beware the Werewolf sign using the Wolfy single model framed by plank models, machining each part separately for easy cutting and assembly. Why not v-carve your own scratchy warning message like this Moinho text or add some backlighting to create a ghoulish glow. Crawl over to the Design & Make store and check out all our macabre models including Wolfy, Drac, Wonda Witch, Ghouls in a Coffin and Haunted House. Then scare and share your projects on the Vectric Forum, tag us on social media and let's see your ghoulish creations!

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Hack of The Week No.255 - Oktoberfest Sign

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A big thank you to everyone who joined our User Group Meetings over the last month to catch up on the latest trends, community news, and share our passion for CNC. We were pleased to see hundreds of hobbyists and makers coming together for the first face to face meetings in 3 years to hear about the latest in version 11 plus sneak peaks on the exciting new functionality coming soon in version 11.5.

There were so many opportunities to learn new skills from the Vectric team, including; textures, rotary and lenticular machining, stacked text, 3D modeling and tips on how to turn your CNC hobby in to a business. Todd also showed the process of what goes into creating CNC ready clipart in Design & Make and shared a few tips and tricks to help build your confidence using some 3D modeling tools in Aspire!

We wanted to say a huge 'thank you' to our guest speakers who shared their knowhow on epoxy and v-carving inlay techniques, Yakisugi replication techniques, hybrid laser machining, and how to maximize your CNC's efficiency. It was a pleasure to see such expertise being shared amongst our wonderful community, and we look forward to seeing you get the most out of your software and gain more confidence to grow your hobby
into a successful business.

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