Design & Make Newsletter August 2022

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Design & Make Newsletter August 2022

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Todd's Top Tip

Looking for ways to build your 3D library and not break the bank?
Our "model projects" are created with that idea in mind. Small bundles of like-themed content that can be cut on their own or combined together to make countless custom layouts.

Introducing The Gamer Wall Light

We're launching a brand new collection of Gamer Models to the Design & Make store!

This epic wall light is inspired by arcade and console gaming heritage and perfect for all those competitive hobbyists who relish interactive gaming, or even families with a home full of kids who love to play computer games! Add this as a cool backdrop or prop where you game, make it into an award for friends who want to 'slick up' their team spirit or brand your virtual reality venue and help boost your business!

Watch as Olly creates this cool light which comes in 3 cleverly designed parts allowing you to machine the plaque, gamer and console separetely for easy cutting and assembly. Why not mix it up and make each piece in a different wood or other material, customise with some v-carving and use the handy fixings to add neon strip lights as a finishing touch! Slide over to our brand new collection of gamer models now available in the Design & Make store!

Find out more here -

User Showcase - Chris Drysdale

Here's some clever clipart inspiration from one of our Australian customers Chris Drysdale who uses Design & Make animal themed clipart on his cutting boards, drinks coasters and wine bottle holders to create unique creature comforts for the home. See how easily he uses the Design & Make library to create projects without any freehand drawing or modeling experience!

Check out his work including the unique resin finishing touches.
Find Out More - ... -coasters/

Hack of The Week No.254 - Coffee Tray

Buy Now -

Halloween Models Coming Soon!

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