Design & Make Newsletter July 2022

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Design & Make Newsletter July 2022

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July Newsletter

Todd's Top Tip
Trying to simulate text behind a model in your layout and end up gouging and/or having the text run over your model? Why not try "creating a vector boundary" around the model, offsetting it, and using the result to trim your text so the VBIT misses your model.

The Steampunk Collection

We're launching a brand new collection of Steampunk models at the Design & Make store!

Our fabulous fantastical 'Clocktopus' model features a giant Octopus, mascot of the Steampunk movement and inspired by Jules Verne's Victorian sci-fi novel 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Captain Nemo's adventures in his advanced submarine Nautilus hugely influenced Steampunk and perfectly reflects our Maker community with its sense of adventure, invention and creation.

We hope this gives you the inspiration to try something a bit edgy. Check all our other Steampunk models and see what cogs, gears and sci-fi vibes you can create in your workshops.

Share your projects on the Vectric Forum and let's see your crazy con'cog'tions!
Find out more here

Clocktopus - Design & Make Finished Project

Watch Olly as he creates this fantastically fabulous Clocktopus using a highly detailed octopus from our brand new collection of Steampunk models, now available at the Design & Make store!

Download Steampunk Clocktopus here

Hack of The Week No.253 - Making a Cricket Legends Plaque

Find Out More

Level Up! Gamer Model Project Coming Soon!

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