Vectric Newsletter July 2022

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Vectric Newsletter July 2022

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July Newsletter

Beki's Top Tip
Did you know you can toggle the 2D toolpath drawing to a wireframe or solid view? The wire frame will show you the direction of cut and the solid view will show you the area that is removed from the tool in purple. Simply hit the toggle button to switch between to two!

In The Labs With Beki - Trinket Tray FREE Project
Beki shows us how to make this beautifully styled trinket tray for jewelry and delicates you don’t want to get in a tangle. An ideal beginner's guide to 2-sided machining, its neat design gives you flexibility to have some fun so why not upscale it into a fruit bowl, snack tray or display art for your coffee table?

Watch Becki as she models the 2-sided tray effortlessly in Aspire then see how she makes use of the 2-sided functionality to easily align the dowel positions on both sides of the job. This technique ensures accurate alignment when flipping the material over, giving you the ability to machine the other side when it suits you.

Whatever inspires your home decor projects, share your creations with us on the Vectric Forum!

View Free Project ... rinketTray

Hack of The Week No.253 - Making a Cricket Legends Plaque

More on this project

Level Up! Gamer Model Project Coming Soon!

San Diego UGM 2022 Partner Discounts
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