Design & Make Newsletter June 2022

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Design & Make Newsletter June 2022

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June Newsletter

Todd's Top Tip
Need to vary the font size in a block of text? It's really easy to do in just a few clicks. Select the text, right-click on it, and choose the option "Break Text Block Into Lines."
Now, you can select any of the lines of text and freely modify any of the text attributes independent of the rest of the text.

Hack of The Week No.252 London Souvenir Magnet

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Construction Models Out Now
Build your projects library with these memorable construction models and hammer out your own personalized message.
View New Models

Alain Vaillancourt – CNC Dust Shoe
Struggling with dust when cutting your projects? Our maker Alain Vaillancourt ‘The Woodpecker’ uses Aspire and a recycled drawer to make a dust shoe for his CNC! Download the FREE project file now and share your version on the Vectric forum.

View Free Project ... rtDustShoe

Maker Spotlight - Jess Crow
Vectric takes my drawings and catapults them from my notebook to my woodworking projects. The ability to transform renderings to tangible products is unmatched when it comes to software programs.
Find Out More

Holz-Handwerk 12th-15th July 2022
Join us for our first exhibit at this prestigious European woodworking show. Discuss your software or partnering needs, share your news and rekindle your CNC community connections.
Stand 11.1-154 Hall 11.1
Find Out More ... lzHandwerk

San Diego UGM 2022
Check out our latest guest speakers

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