Vectric Newsletter January 2022

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Vectric Newsletter January 2022

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January Newsletter

Beki's Top Tip
Did you know that when using the nesting tool you can choose to nest parts inside of other parts! This option will allow the software to nest within the internal areas of shapes that have gaps in the middle. A powerful way to optimize material usage and increase toolpath efficiency when laying out and cutting a number of shapes.

Planting & Protecting a 30,000 Acre Forest...That is Our Pledge
We are thrilled to have teamed up with The Heart of England Forest charity in order to help reverse centuries of woodland decline and create and conserve a magnificent 30,000 acre broadleaf forest for the benefit of the enviroment, wildlife and people...
Continue Reading - ... sourpledge

Forest of England Commemorative Plaque
Check out our latest free project - a free standing commemorative plaque. Watch the design and CNC process bring this project to life.

Find Out More - ... tivePlaque

Scrapbook Cover

Find Out More - ... pbookCover

User Showcase
Segmenting - By Henry B
Readers Comments:
"Mind boggling work!! Well done sir!" Forum Name - Scottp55
"Can't say enough how great they look." Forum Name - garylmast
View Henry's Project - viewtopic.php?f=29&t=38961

Hack of The Week No.247 - Very Special Ring Bowl
5 Models $35 (exc local taxes)

Buy Now -

Design & Make - Valentines Love Heart
Spread the love this Valentines with Design & Make's love themed clipart.

Find Out More -

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