Design & Make Newsletter December 2021

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Design & Make Newsletter December 2021

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A real time saver!

Need to save some time when cutting your layout? You can avoid cutting unnecessary flat areas by using the "create vector boundary" tool on the 3D parts you want to machine and then use the resulting vector in your toolpath strategy to only cut that area.

Christmas Is Coming & You Still Have Time!
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HOTW 246 - Christmas Hanging Signpost

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User Showcase
Merry Christmas, Santa & Reindeer by Doug Pinney
Readers Comments:
"This is sure to see many a Christmas in the future." Forum Name - Rcnewcomb
"That looks awesome, Doug. Nicely done!" Forum Name - Holzarbelter

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The Workshop Model Project
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Welcome to...Vectric's Christmas Toy Shop #kindnessthischristmas
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