Vectric Newsletter November 2021

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Vectric Newsletter November 2021

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November Newsletter

Beki's Top Tip
Did you know you can create new guides parallel to existing guides? Simply right-click a guide to open up the guide properties and under the “Create New Parallel Guide(s)” select an absolute position or relative! Making the creation of parallel guides super easy!

Tim Sway's In the labs FREE project - Whiskey Box

Watch Video & Download FREE project files ... WhiskeyBox

"A complicated project made to look simple 👍 I’m just starting off using my own diy CNC" Thank You, Steven Richardson - Commenting on 2020 Christmas projects on YouTube

Kindness This Christmas
The Vectric elves have been busy in the workshop and we will soon be launching the Vectric Christmas Toy Shop with 6 free projects suitable for our FREE TRIAL software too.

Design & Make - It's Time To Open The Christmas Workshop
Let's Make Something Special

Design & Make - The Workshop Model Project
See What's Included

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