Vectric Newsletter October 2021

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Vectric Newsletter October 2021

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October Newsletter

Beki's Top Tip
Did you know that you can nest parts in your job to specific sheets! Simply set up your sheets and select the vectors you wish to nest. In the nesting form apply your settings and simply select which sheet you want to nest your parts to from the "Active Sheet" drop down menu and your parts will nest to the selected sheet!

"I've been a Vectric Aspire customer since approx. 2008 and my experience has been nothing short of great! I believe that Vectric's success was built upon making customer satisfaction a first priority. Create a great user friendly product and continually make it better by listening to the voice of the customer! I believe this was the foundation that Brian & Tony created and the Vectric Team (owners) continue to nurture. Great job and happy to be a "user" of a very empowering product! Thank You" from Ray Paquin - Iron Mountain, MI

Get Spooky this Halloween!
Spook out your yard this Halloween, ready for those trick-or-treaters!! Rustic pumpkin candle holders and faux gravestones make the perfect Halloween props.

Download Halloween Projects ... enProjects

The Reindeer Family Coming Soon to Design & Make

Design & Make - Lest we Forget
Create a Lasting Tribute ... ce%2520Day

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