Design & Make Newsletter October 2021

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Design & Make Newsletter October 2021

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Let's Get Interactive
Create a more interactive project and include pegs, clips, or even clothespins to your project! Simple pocket toolpaths can be used to locate where they should be fitted or glued!

Halloween will be here boo-fore you know it!
Let's get making ... =Halloween

Hack of The Week No.243

Buy now

Sports Fan Project
New stylized models to up your game. Check them out!
View sports fan clipart

User Showcase Bobby Louisiana's Display Sign
Readers Comments:
"Excellent. Great paint job." Forum Name - gkas
"I like it! Thanks for sharing!" Forum Name - Highpockets
View display sign viewtopic.php?f=5&t=37934

Hack of The Week No.244 Trick or Treat?
Treat your Halloween guests to a spooky and fun surprise! Challenge them to take a treat if they dare! Add your own text or create a new layout to give it your own spooky twist.

Click if you dare!

Shhhh...even Santa stops here for his CNC ready clipart!
View Christmas Clipart ... =Christmas

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