Vectric Newsletter August 2021 - Issue 140

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Vectric Newsletter August 2021 - Issue 140

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Vectric Newsletter | Issue 140

Beki's Top Tip
Did you know you can select multiple nodes and transform all of the spans from straight lines to beziers! Simply select your vector(s) and put them into node edit mode (by pressing N on the keyboard) then select the nodes you wish to transform and press B on the keyboard. This will turn the spans into bezier spans!

Michael Tyler's FREE Project - The REAL Box Turtle

This month’s free project courtesy of Michael Tyler is a REAL Box Turtle (so sorry for the pun - ummm, not really)!

Michael figured, why not make a “box turtle” instead of just a regular box? After making some sketches of a “cute” turtle caricature he created this awesome functional “dad joke” project!
Fun to make, this unique novelty item is a “box like no other” and should bring a smile to all who see it!

Aspire features used while designing include import a bitmap photo of my own box turtle sketch, drawing and node editing tools, interactive trim, Weld Vectors, and the modeling and sculpting tools.

Compatible with Aspire, VCarve Pro and VCarve Desktop V10.5+

Download Project here ... LBoxTurtle

Making a Pizza Puzzle And Checkers With Todd And Tim Sway

Download and watch the project here ... izzaPuzzle

Welcome To My Garden Marker | Design&Make

Looking to add a bit of personality to your garden? This hack will help to add a special touch to that plot of land that has become a favorite pastime! You can even make smaller versions to label all of the plants or vegetables you might be growing!

More on this project

Celebrate Oktoberfest!
Find some Oktoberfest models here ... ktoberfest

ONLY 16 DAYS TO GO - Until our online User Group Meeting

We are busy putting the finishing touches to our 2021 online user group meeting preparations. We can't wait to introduce you to our exciting guest speakers and showcase all of the projects we've been working on over the last few months. If you haven't signed up yet, it's not too late!


Sign up now ... oupMeeting

Design&Make Hot Rod Garage Coming Soon!

What our customers have to say:
"Ive been buying software for 35yrs and never come across a company with better business integrity or dedication to support for their customers. Congratulations to all on their enormous efforts and patience with the public." festive_steve commenting on Instagram V11 out now post

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