Design & Make Newsletter - July 2021

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Design & Make Newsletter - July 2021

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Design & Make Newsletter - July 2021

Design & Make Top Tip
Want to add a shadow effect or a bit of dirt below a vehicle component in your layout? This is another handy use of a cloud model, and only you will know!

Love cars and the smell of the garage first thing in the morning? Customize this petrol head-themed hack with a bit f v-carving and show the world what gets your motor revving!!! Maybe you don't but know someone that does then this would make the perfect gift.

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May Induce The Need For Speed! Customize Your Garage

Latest New Models

Highland Cow
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Woody Wagon
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Lion Head 5
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Download here:

Hack of The Week 238 - Better At The Beach
Mention summer vacation to nearly anyone and we are pretty sure one of the first things they will think of is the beach! Umbrellas, sandcastles, and the sound of the waves brushing up on the beach... it is better at the beach!

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The Waterside Collection - Coming Soon!
Design & Make is excited to be part of the Vectric's upcoming release by offering those that upgrade to, or purchase V11 the first chance to own part of this new collection for free!

User Showcase - Christmas gift for customer
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Customer Review
"Very Good" William Aiton commenting on Design&Make 5 Handy Power Tips Video

San Diego 2022 Vectric User Group Meeting
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