Vectric Newsletter May 2021 - Issue 138

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Vectric Newsletter May 2021 - Issue 138

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Vectric Newsletter | Issue 138

Beki's Top Tip
Did you know objects can be moved by fixed distances (or nudges) by holding ctrl + shift and tapping the arrow keys. The fixed nudge distance specifies the distance to move selected objects with each nudge. You can edit this distance from the snapping options in the edit menu.

Shoehorn Challenge and More with Peter Parfitt

We are so excited to of had Peter Parfitt, from The New Brit Workshop, guest appearing with Todd in Vectric's May YouTube Live event. Peter shared some practical ideas of how he uses his CNC in The New Brit Workshop and uses his CNC as another tool in the shop allowing him to utilize its accuracy to create all sorts of jigs and other projects that he finishes using traditional woodworking techniques.

He also set Todd a challenge, can Vectric make a shoehorn on our CNC within 2 hours? That's the time it takes him to create a CNC/Woodworking version...can Todd do it? You will have to watch and see if he can pull it off!

Find out more: ... nChallenge

Compatible with Aspire, VCarve Pro and VCarve Desktop V10.5+

Thinking About Fishing | Design&Make

Know someone that has fishing on their mind all the time? This model project will make them the perfect gift. It can be used as a customizable wall hanging or if sized correctly a fun drink coaster!

This project is perfect for adding a pesonalised message for a friend or loved one!

More on this project:

Happy Father's Day | Design&Make
Make Him Something Special: ... athers+Day

San Diego User Group 2021 - 10-11th September 2021
Book your place: ... oupMeeting

Guest Speaker Announcement


What our customers have to say:
"I just wanted to let the team know that every time I work with VCarve, I'm more amazed by the features, which reflect the thought and planning and work and testing and love that you all have put into it. I've been a software developer for 38 years and know what it takes to make something like what you've produced. It is nothing short of stunning." Darin R. Molnar, PhD - Chief Sawdust Maker, Tortuga Early Instruments

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