Vectric Newsletter April 2021 - Issue 137

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Vectric Newsletter April 2021 - Issue 137

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Vectric Newsletter | Issue 137

Beki's Top Tip
Did you know you can display the common alignment tools within the drawing tab? Simply check the box to "Show common tools on drawing tab" from within the alignment tools form and the software will display your alignment icons straight from the drawing tab, making it quicker and easier to navigate to!

Making The Crayon Box Wall Clock with Michael Tyler

Here’s a cool and unique project you can make for your kids, grandkids or for use as your own arts & crafts room - "The Crayon Box Wall Clock"!

The models and layout have been created entirely in our Aspire software, but Michael has kindly also made this project compatible with VCarve by exporting the crayon box composite model as an STL file and importing it into the VCarve software. Both the Aspire and VCarve file formats are included.

Find out more: ... xWallClock

Compatible with Aspire, VCarve Pro and VCarve Desktop V10.5+

Todd and Karen Hadden's Mother's Day Project

Find out more: ... DayProject

Time For Walkies | Design&Make

Never be without a place to hang your 4 legged friends' leash. Add some coat hooks to this and that leash will never be underfoot again. The included assembled layout is easily customized with dogs' names or could be used as a pet memorial plaque or wonderful gift for the dog walker in your family. As a bonus we have included 2 vector paw prints. This is enough to get anyone's tail wagging!

More on this project

Mother's Day is Nearly Here | Design&Make
Make something extra special ... others+Day

San Diego User Group 2021 - 10-11th September 2021
Book your place: ... oupMeeting

What our customers have to say:

"Having used other software before, Vectrics a breath of fresh air. I never used to enjoy the programming side but now I’ve swapped over to Vectric it’s a lot less stressful. The online Vectric tutorials help big time...definitely worth a look for anyone who’s struggling 👍" Lee A Baker from Facebook

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