Design & Make Newsletter - April 2021

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Design & Make Newsletter - April 2021

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Design & Make Top Tip
When merging components into water sometimes they look out of place or simply “stuck” in. Using a cloud component is an easy way give the water a bit of movement.

Don't get caught without a special trophy to present to the "Champions"! This baseball-themed Hack of the Week would make the perfect keepsake to remember that special game or player. It's easily customized with any player name, number, or special supporting roles like moms, dads, or volunteer coaches.

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Out of This World - For kids and old our space-themed models will put your next project "over the moon"!
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Latest New Models

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Download here:

Soda Splash
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Barrel and Trolly
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Download here:

Hack of The Week 232 - Pops Ice Cream Sign
This fun retro ice cream parlor sign is easy to customize and would be the perfect gift for the ice cream maker in your family. Everyone loves ice cream... yes, indeed, they do!

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Pets - They are a special part of the family!

User Showcase - Tea Tray
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Find out more: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=37072

Customer Review

"Great presentation. Gives me something to play with during the lockdown. Thanks so much." Steve H commenting on Q&A with Todd | 3D Components Mirror Mode Video

San Diego 2021 Vectric User Group Meeting
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