Vectric Newsletter March 2021 - Issue 136

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Vectric Newsletter March 2021 - Issue 136

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Vectric Newsletter | Issue 136

Beki's Top Tip
Did you know that you can easily create a vector around the outermost boundary of one or more selected components? Simply select your component(s) and use the "Create Vector Boundary" option from the modeling tab to create the vector! Perfect for creating vectors to then use to profile around the outside of a model, ready for machining.

Making A Wearable Cajon (Drum) with Todd & Tim Sway

Tim Sway is no stranger to those that have been following Vectric and our free "In the Labs" CNC projects! We are so happy to have Tim guest appearing in Vectric's Youtube Live event this March!

This is Tim’s take on a wearable Cajon (drum) that he makes using upcycled materials and an interesting connector component he cuts on his CNC. The connector is made using a manual 3-sided indexing method that he outlines in this video. This unique yet simple component is something we feel will be useful in more ways than Tim ever originally intended! Even if you’re not interested in making instruments this is one you will want to watch!

There is so much to share and learn in the video that accompanies this project. Tim’s lessons learned along the way, fixturing of a 3-sided indexed part and ideas on how you might use his connector to create all sorts of different projects.

Find out more: ... /CajonDrum

Compatible with Aspire, VCarve Pro and VCarve Desktop V10.5+

Michael Tyler's Project of The Month | The Bird Shack
Watch Video ... eBirdShack

Todd D - Puzzle Fun | Case Study

Sometimes we all need a challenge to conquer; well for Todd D it was to make a puzzle using his CNC. His aim was to test out what his CNC machine could do whilst also learning and challenging his own CNC skills. Making the puzzle had an added pressure and deadline as the final puzzle was for his son’s 34th birthday pressure there then!
Find out more ... DPuzzleFun

Pop's Ice Cream Sign | Design&Make

This fun retro ice cream parlor sign is easy to customize and would be the perfect gift for the ice cream maker in your family. It might be a grandparent that serves up weekly ice cream treats to the grandkids or a parent that still carries on that tradition of making the icy dessert from scratch! Everyone loves ice cream... yes, indeed, they do!

More on this project

The Garden is Calling | Design&Make
New garden models

San Diego User Group 2021 - 10-11th September 2021
Book your place ... oupMeeting

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