Design & Make Newsletter - January 2021

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Design & Make Newsletter - January 2021

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Design & Make Newsletter - January 2021

Want to visualize your finished project? Don't forget by simply changing the colors of your toolpaths you will be able to see a simulation of the finished piece. Perfect for customers approval.

HELLO 2021!

Welcome in the year with this awesome new hack of the week! 2020 wasn't the year we expected, we slowed our lives down, realized the strength of communities around us and relied on our hobbies. Let's the new year by being positive! This project can be easily customized for many occasions: weddings, graduations, NYE or milestone birthdays!

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On ice or in the snow, we have you covered for your next winter sports project! ... intersport

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Hack of The Week 227 - Love You Board

Letter tiles are a fun way to make a decorative scrabble project. Perfect for saying I love you, welcoming a new member to the family, or to commemorate just about any special occasion.
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