Vectric Newsletter June 2020 - Issue 127

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Vectric Newsletter June 2020 - Issue 127

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Vectric Newsletter | Issue 127

Beki's Top Tip
Did you know you can add notes to your file? Notes are a really useful way to jot anything down whilst you are in the software working on a file. Better still, you can choose to have the notes automatically open upon when loading the file, which is great if you need prompting to do something. Simply go to Edit > Notes and type in your notes! To have the notes ‘auto-open’ when the files is loaded start the notes with a “.”

Michael Tyler's Remote Control Depository | Free Project

The remote control depository is a great way to organize the "remote clutter" in your media room! As long as a remote is placed back in the depository when finished, you’ll never have to go hunting for your remote control(s) anymore!

Download Project Here: ... Depository

Our Latest YouTube Live Projects

Wooden Backpack - ... enBackpack

Shop Phone Speaker - ... oneSpeaker

Stretching the Boundaries of 3D in VCarve - ... 3DinVCarve

Slot Together Puzzles - ... herPuzzles

The Old Stables | Design&Make

Just moving into a new house, or maybe have lived in the same home for too many years to remember? It might be time for a new house sign! This hack of the week includes four models, an assembled layout and a project sheet to get you started!
Download Project Here:

Doug Pinney Liberty Box | Case Study

I made the pelican box in 2018, which I liked the shape of. One day I remembered that I had a couple of boxes of black walnut burl. How can I use the wood? Let’s make a box like the pelican box using black walnut burl.
Find out more: ... LibertyBox

Cottage Life | Design&Make

Now that lockdown is being relaxed, it's probably a good time to think about opening up the cottage for the summer season. Nothing like social distancing in your favorite outdoor place!
Find out more:

2020 User Group Meetings POSTPONED

After a lot of consideration, we have taken the decision to postpone our upcoming User Group Meetings, which were due to be held at our head office in the UK and in San Diego this September.

This decision has not been taken lightly, everyone here at Vectric has been looking forward to our User Group Meetings and is disappointed that this year, we will not get the opportunity to meet our community in person. However, the health and safety of our attendees and staff is and always will be, our number one priority.

We have been working very hard to re-arrange our event and we are thrilled to announce our User Group Meetings have been rescheduled to go ahead in 2021. We will be taking new bookings from 1st October 2020.

We’re not going to give up on bringing our community together this year that easily!

Although the circumstances around the world prevent international travel, we are making the most of todays technology to bring our community together in our first ever worldwide user group meeting!
userbox3.png (8.4 KiB) Viewed 956 times
Join us from the comfort of your own home for LIVE training sessions, Q&A opportunities and more, not only from the Vectric team but also from a variety of our partner and guest speakers.
userbox2.png (12.75 KiB) Viewed 959 times
We will be hosting our online meeting throughout the 24th, 25th and 26th of September 2020. Giving you the chance to meet people from all over the world, share tips and advice, also see how they’re using the software.
userbox1.png (10.42 KiB) Viewed 956 times
All the included project files, 3D clipart, gadgets and more will be available to purchase for $49 following the online event.
userbox4.png (7.85 KiB) Viewed 959 times
All live events will be available to watch after the live stream at a time to suit you and are completely free to watch. Register your interest in attending our online user group meeting below and keep your eyes peeled for the full agenda coming soon.

Thank you so much for your patience and continued support. We can’t wait to bring everyone together for our virtual meeting and see you all next year.
Register here for our worldwide, online user group meeting - ... 23F30FEDED

San Diego User Group 2021 - 10th-11th September 2020 - Tickets on sale 1st OCT 2020
Find out more: ... oupMeeting

UK User Group 2021 - Wednesday 1st September 2021 - Tickets on sale 1st OCT 2020
Find out more: ... oupMeeting

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