Vectric Newsletter May 2020 - Issue 126

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Vectric Newsletter May 2020 - Issue 126

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Beki's Top Tip
Did you know you can add in new bitmap textures & organise them into categories directly from the job setup form? All you need to do is select the “add new texture” option from within the appearance dropdown bar where you can import the texture bitmap! Easy!

Michael Tyler's Cutie Boxes | Free Project

The cutie boxes make a great gift for the young and old, alike! Easily made over a weekend, these small boxes feature simple cutting and assembly so you can finish them on short notice, if necessary! (Did you forget a birthday or anniversary? Cutie boxes to the rescue!)

Download Project Here: ... CutieBoxes

In The Labs With Vectric | Tim Sway's Mini Guitar | Free Project

My latest project the 'mini guitar' is an easy and cheap way to make your very own guitar that you can take with you anywhere. I have made this project so that all of the materials and techniques are readily available from your local stores or online.

Download Project Here: ... MiniGuitar

Our Latest YouTube Live Projects

The BBQ Board
Download Project Here: ... heBBQBoard

Mothers Day Button
Download Project Here: ... sDayButton

Welcome to Our Home Sign
Download Project Here: ... urHomeSign

The VPucket Game
Download Project Here: ... PucketGame

Garage Hero | Design&Make

We all have a favorite mechanic, it might be a neighbor, local garage owner or even your Dad. This hack would make the perfect "thank you" gift and just might also help towards your next garage visit bill.

Download Project Here:

Doug Pinney Tree Picture Frame | Case Study

My daughter called me from Houston, TX and asked if I would make a picture frame for a painting that Anna my granddaughter had purchased. She sent me a picture of the painting; it was of trees. Ann’s birthday was coming up in December. Once I saw the painting, I knew I had to create something special. My daughter also knew that it would not just be an ordinary picture frame.


Read the full case study here: ... ctureFrame

San Diego User Group 2020 - 25th-26th September 2020
Book you place: ... oupMeeting

UK User Group 2020 - Wednesday 16th September 2020
Book you place: ... oupMeeting

Father's Day Is Coming | Design&Make

A Father's love is something very special and sometimes is seen in actions not always with words. We have added a few new models that are sure to spark memories of past adventures and special times with Dad.


New Father's Day Models Here: ... athersLove

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