Design & Make Newsletter May 2020

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Design & Make Newsletter May 2020

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Design & Make Newsletter - May 2020

Level Clipping is a level effect that is activated by selecting a closed vector, right-clicking on a level name, and selecting "Clipping". Once turned on any 3D content on that level will be clipped by the vector.

Hack of The Week 211 - The Potting Shed

This fun hack will surely add a bit of magic to any garden and if you're not into gardening it can be easily customized into a fun house or playhouse sign!

Memorial Day

Remember those that have served, are serving or those that have given it all to serve their country in the armed forces.
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Live Q&A Tips & Tricks YouTube Vidoes

Latest New Models

Wheat Sheaf 2
new-models-1.jpg (69.4 KiB) Viewed 1184 times

Ball of Yarn
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Standing Bear 2
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Hack of The Week 210 - I do my Best Cook'n in The Shop

Some cook in the kitchen others do their cooking in the shop! If you do your best work in the workshop then this hack is for you or maybe a gift for your local handyman!

Make something he will cherish for years to come

User Showcase - Bird house and a magical garden
user-1.jpg (50.7 KiB) Viewed 1179 times ... al-garden/

Customer Review - Creative Redwood Designs commenting on the Live Training content: "That was a awesome training video, I should have looked for this long ago."

San Diego User Group 2020
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