Vectric Newsletter February 2020 - Issue 123

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Vectric Newsletter February 2020 - Issue 123

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Beki's Top Tip
Did you know you can use the dimensions tool to easily take measurements of objects in your job? This tool allows you to add a variety of dimensioning annotations to your vector drawing. Including length, height, width, angle or the radius or diameter of an arc. Better still you can edit the settings for the dimensions e.g. font, height etc. as well as using custom text.

Catch-all Tray Free Project | In The Labs With Vectric
I have a routine of putting my wallet and car keys in the same place every time I get home, so I never, well mostly, misplace them. You can make this leather inspired catch-all tray with your CNC using Vectric’s Moulding Toolpath strategy, two tools, and a scrap of an old countertop.

Download Project Here: ... tchallTray

Once A Biker, Always A Biker | Design&Make
Bikers are known to be very passionate about their lifestyle and have a unique outlook on life. This Hack Of The Week would make a wonderful gift for a seasoned biker or even a new rider. Some may also feel it would have a special place as a memorial to someone that enjoyed the ride!

Download Model Project Here:

San Diego User Group 2020 - 25th-26th September 2020


Book Your Place: ... oupMeeting

UK User Group 2020 - Wednesday 16th September 2020


Book Your Place: ... oupMeeting

Michael Tyler's Lakeside Bear Clock | Free Project
I got the idea for this project when casually browsing through the “stock” clipart models included with the Vectric Aspire software. When I spotted the Standing Bear and Leaping Bass model, I thought these two models would be nice to incorporate into a “forested lake scene” and decided to make the scene as a clock!

Download Project Here: ... eBearClock

Thank Mum For The Special Moments | Design&Make
The time we spend with our Mum is made up of special moments to be cherished and remembered. Make this Mother's Day project one that she will remember for a lifetime! A friendly reminder from Design&Make Mother's Day in the UK is celebrated on March 22nd and in North America on May 10th.


Download Clipart Models Here: ... &q=Mothers

What our customers have to say:
"The software is very powerfull, yet still easy to learn, especially for a beginner. Any questions I submitted to the help portal were answered within one day. There are many usefull tutorials on the Vectric site and YouTube and the newsletter provides other helpful info." Al Kirisits (Facebook)

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