Vectric Newsletter - Issue 83

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Vectric Newsletter - Issue 83

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Free Project of the Month - Gate Keepers Key Holder - ... anger.html

Meeting: Dale Hellewell - ... ewell.html
This month we were able to catch up with Aspire user and Vectric Forum member Dale Hellewell. Dale is a long term Vectric customer and we were able to take a moment from this years Vectric User Group Meeting for him to tell us a bit about himself, what he likes about Aspire and to describe his fall-leaf "Whirlygig".

Review: Vectric User Group Meeting - ... eview.html
We would like to start by saying a huge thank-you to all those who attended the UK and US User Group Meetings. We have already had a lot of positive feedback from the attendees through our survey, scorecards and on the Vectric forum.

We had a fantastic time here in the UK and across the pond in the US, click the link above to read our short review of both the events and to see some pictures...

Tutorial of the Month - Moulding Toolpath - ... 25DTP.html
For this month's tutorial of the month James take you through the new 'Moulding Toolpath' feature added in V8.5 that allows you to take a vector profile and create a toolpath that in effect extrudes that profile along another vector shape. This is ideal for creating moulding profiles, arches, frames etc. The toolpath can use a combination of a flat tool and ballnose to more efficiently rough and finish the shape...

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