Vectric Newsletter - Issue 80

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Vectric Newsletter - Issue 80

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Free Project of the Month - Pineapple Fruit Server ... erver.html

Book your place now - User Group Meeting 2016
UK User Group Meeting 2016
At the Vectric Headquarters, Alcester, Warwickshire, UK on
Wednesday 28th September 2016. Provisional agenda now available. -

US User Group Meeting 2016
The Florida Hotel & Conference Center, Orlando, Florida, USA on
Friday 7th & Saturday 8th October 2016. Provisional agenda now available. -

IWF Trade Show in Atlanta
Next month the Vectric team will be at the IWF (International Woodworking Fair) Trade show in Atlanta at Booth #8121. Whether you're an existing customer or just thinking about getting into CNC machining, if you are planning on attending the show be sure to drop by to ask questions, get a demonstration or just to say hello.
Dates: Wednesday 24th August - Saturday 27nd August 2016

NEW Design & Make Project Packs
Trophy Mount No.1 -
Trophy Mount No.2 -
Panel No.1 Flowers -

NEW Additions - Vector Art 3D
This month Vector Art 3D saw ten new additions to their clipart library, including an attractive wishing well scene; four birds, an Albatross, a Blue Jay, an Osprey and a Magpie; two friendly canines and a few others. You can see the 'Wishing Well Scene' added this month in the image to the right.
All the newest items in the Vector Art 3D library can be viewed on the Recent Additions Page -

NEW Tips & Tricks Videos
Object Merge Tools
This video looks at the object merge tools, where we have the ability to weld, subtract and unite overlapping vectors - ... ideo_id=24

Adding Bitmap Textures
Bitmap textures are used for shading the simulation in the software, this video looks at how you can add and edit bitmap textures in the software. - ... ideo_id=23

Make your own! Beer Cap Catcher
Having a beer opener on the wall comes in handy, however there is nothing worse than the cap falling on the floor when your open it. OK that’s actually not that bad… however it would be much better if instead of succumbing to gravity it stuck to the wall until your ready to throw it away. Click the button to learn more about how James made his version, download the files to make your own in VCarve or Aspire and also see a nice slow-motion video of the opener in action… This does also work for other bottled beverages not just beer (I assume). - ... tcher.html

User Forum Showcase
Tank -
Axe Handle -
Coat of Arms -
Window Frame -
5-Sided Table -
Lazy Susan -
Stacked Text -
Dino Chicken Coop -
Graphic & Web Designer

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